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Upcoming appearances at Perth Writers’ Festival

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Appearances at the Perth Writers’ Festival


Writers Are Readers First
At: Woolnough Lecture Theatre – Chair: Rosemary Sayer
There are many benefits to reading widely – it can help you improve your own writing, allow you to learn more about the market, serve as a common language in which to communicate within the industry and make you familiar with a publisher or magazine’s list. Mary Ellen Jordan, Rose Michael, Donna Ward and Fran Bryson discuss the importance of reading to a writer’s success


10 – 11am A Feast For the Senses
At: Alexander Lecture Theatre
Fran Bryson has spent years soaking up the sights and sounds of Brazil, taking psychedelic drugs in the Amazon and dancing the samba in Rio; Diane Fresquez embarked on a year-long journey to investigate the links between taste, memory and the molecular building blocks of what we eat, seeking out scientists and entrepreneurs focused on flavour. They talk to the chair about their sensory research.

2.30 – 3.30pm In Brazil
Seven years of travel in Brazil saw Fran Bryson develop a fascination with the country that turned into something of an obsession. From the inner reaches of the Amazon jungle to the glittering modern city of Brasília, Brazil revealed itself as a colourful and contradictory nation. She shares her experiences with the chair.