in brazilIn Brazil, you can commune with spirits and dance with gods.
In Brazil, you can learn a lot about life’s possibilities.

Seven years of travel in Brazil saw Fran Bryson’s fascination with the country develop into something of an obsession with its culture, religions, and history. During many journeys from her island home in Australia, she explored the country: from the glittering modern city of Brasília to small, deeply religious towns; from the inner reaches of the Amazon jungle to the vibrant backlands — home to outcasts and the possessed — and finally to the sweat-drenched streets of Rio during Carnaval.

Lyrical and mesmerising, In Brazil is Fran’s account of her experiences travelling through one of the world’s most colourful and contradictory nations and, in doing so, discovering how others make sense of the world around them.

‘Reveals a Brazil of surprising depths, both sublime and tragic … Bryson’s curiosity is addictive. This book is a tour of Brazil’s astonishing spiritual diversity — joyful, tragic, full of wonders — and a meditation on how we feel at home.’ Delia Falconer

‘A wise and dazzling personal exploration of the beauty and strangeness of Brazil, its history and its culture.’ Carmel Bird